Two Is One.
One Is None.

Your professional network was forged in fire and steel.
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We Know Who You Are

Others visited the beach. You assaulted it.

Their traditions smell of tobacco and old wood paneling. Yours stink of fuel oil and gunpowder.

They led teams into client engagements. You led squadrons into battle.

Their promises are written in ink. Yours are written in blood.

You are commissioned officers of the United States Armed Forces, and you know what it means to serve. We are the men and women who taught you.

As your final tour of duty winds to a close, know this: your senior brothers and sisters in arms are now captains of industry. And we are waiting for you.

Connect with us, and forge your next career path.

Major Doug Zembiec (USNA '95): The Lion of Fallujah
KIA 11 May 2007, Baghdad
This Meetup has Ended!
Jason Williscroft

Engines All Stop

I was privileged to serve you all the limit of my ability, and I left nothing on the mat… but it is long past time for me to focus on making an actual living.

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