Every Service. Every Source.

One Family.

The enemy never cared where you went to college. 
Why should we?

We Are American Military Officers.

We come from every service, commissioning source, and warfare specialty. We share a unique American experience: while our contemporaries were enjoying life, we were manning the Line, safeguarding their ability to enjoy it.

Whether your career began at a service academy, an ROTC program, or the speed train to OCS, the result is the same. We share a rare bond: we have carried the burden of leadership in the presence of mortal peril. Our measure has already been taken.

Every year, about 17,000 commissioned officers leave active duty to pursue careers in the private sector. For people who belong to a tradition of service over self, that can be a tough transition.

The good news: many of those 17,000 officers do very well in the outside world. If you are new to the transition, you’re in luck! These are your former department heads, commanding officers, and general staff. They remember you. And they want to serve with you again. So SIGN UP and get ready to go to work!

If you are already a captain of industry: congratulations! You’ve discovered the perfect resource, a bottomless supply of the exact kind of enterprising young officer you spent your military career mentoring and developing. The context is a little different, but the people are the same. So SIGN UP and clear the decks for action!

Two is one. One is none.

RINGKNOCKER Founder & Host
Jason Williscroft (USNA '95)
Same Knuckle-Dragger
MCRD San Diego, 1988

Reap the Rewards of Your Service.

Find staff who share your values. Connect with employers who know your worth. We know who we are.

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