After-Action Report: RVM #10 with Laura Hatcher

This week we hit a major milestone: we completely maxed out our 100-seat registration limit for Zoom calls! There was some back-and-forth on how to handle that before we settled on the obvious, and upgraded our Zoom account to get more seats. We now have 500 seats, so please continue to register in advance for as many Meetups as you like and don’t sweat canceling registrations if you can’t make it! Let’s keep this easy. 😀

Primary responsibility for breaking Zoom last week falls to our guest speaker Laura Hatcher (USNA ’92), who first showed up with most of the Class of ’92 in tow, and then proceeded to blow the doors off the Meetup with an incredible lineup of actionable advice for new entrepreneurs. It’s a little tough to choose just one great example, but here’s a question worth asking a transitioning officer: have you thought about how you’re going to introduce yourself out there when you don’t wear your resume on your chest?

Laura has! See for yourself…

Whether he’s a hero or a dirtbag, you can judge an officer with one glance at his chest. Not so anywhere else.

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