After-Action Report: RVM #11 with Bob Adams

This week’s speaker was Dr. Bob Adams (USNA ’73), who walked us through a very interesting status update on the COVID situation from a medical perspective.

We are an unusual group of people: few of us are doctors, but you can’t spend much time as an officer in ANY service without developing something of a nose for BS. And much of what Bob had to say lined up with what my own nose has been trying to tell me: that the reportage around COVID just doesn’t seem to line up well with our experience on the ground.

I think it is fair to assert that the people behind the lockdown policies have strong political incentives to justify their decisions after the fact. I was not aware that there were economic and regulatory incentives pushing medical data-gatherers to report data supporting those decisions. Whichever direction you care to push your analysis from there, your conclusions are likely to be troubling indeed.

Here’s what Dr. Adams had to say about it…

The CDC says they are probably seriously over-reporting their COVID numbers.

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