After-Action Report: RVM #12 with Heidi Lenzini

This week’s speaker was Heidi Lenzini (USNA ’95), who currently directs outreach for the Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center’s “A Head for the Future” initiative, which focuses on preventing, recognizing, and recovering from Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).

Modern warfare subjects the human frame to inconceivable traumas. Medical science has dramatically increased the survivability of such events… but there are more hidden injuries. TBI is one of these: it can paralyze a limb or a personality, and learning to live with it is wickedly complicated by its effect on the very organ that does the learning. Many of our shipmates and friends have been afflicted with TBI, and last week Heidi helped the RINGKNOCKERs understand both the nature of that affliction and what we can do to help.

In no particular order, Heidi discussed: 

  • The difficulty of recognizing TBI.
  • The importance of self-advocacy.
  • The needless suffering caused by TBI.
  • The dangers of NOT reporting and treating TBI.
  • The dangers of concussive blast and repeated low-level head trauma.
  • The current prognosis and state of the art in TBI treatment.
  • Her own organization’s contributions to treatment of and advocacy for those afflicted by TBI.

TBI is a topic that touches nearly ALL of us, either directly or indirectly, and Heidi’s presentation was so packed with useful information that it is hard to select a clip to highlight.

Nevertheless, consider this one…

The vast majority of Traumatic Brain Injuries go unreported and untreated.

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