After-Action Report: RVM #14 – Franchisor Shark Tank

This week we dispensed with our usual guest speaker and instead held our very first Franchisor Shark Tank! Three RINGKNOCKER franchisors got up in front of a panel of four and shared their pitch to prospective franchisees, then fielded a bunch of questions from the panel and from the audience at large.

I thought every franchisor made a solid case… if I were in the market for a franchise, I’d be hard-pressed to choose. And clearly none of them was pitching for the first time. Very smoothly delivered, gents!

Last week we heard franchisee pitches from:

On the panel, we had:

Those of you who have been around a while will have heard me sing this song before, but I doubt you will disagree… I was gratified to learn that, at the highest level, running a successful franchising operation is at least as much about leadership as it is about tattoos, or fences, or… well, leadership training. Seriously, since leadership is what we military officers do best, I love it that every week we seem to learn once again that it is the skill that matters most.

So thanks a bunch to our franchisors who stuck their necks out last night, and also to the members of our panel and all the other folks who came together to pull this event off. We’ll definitely do it again… and if you’ve got an idea for a similar kind of event to showcase YOUR business, tell me about it and let’s make it happen!

Here’s a video clip of the whole show…

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