After-Action Report: RVM #16 with James Gray

Last week’s speaker was Jim Gray (USNA ’88). Jim is President & COO of iArchimedes, an engineering services firm that serves maritime and intelligence community customers. The company provides a deliberate and measured approach to complex, technical challenges. iArchimedes specializes in developing components and systems that operate on or near the seafloor. In a related line of business, called ocean Survey as a Service (oSaaS), the company delivers hydrographic and oceanographic information to customers.

Jim had a challenging task last week: his topic was Seabed Warfare, and it turned out that most the really interesting parts are classified. So Jim threaded the needle by focusing his presentation at the policy level, discussing how big-ticket commercial policy works in the South China Sea and explaining how firms like his own can plug into the resulting opportunities. And we still got to talk a bit about the gear!

Here is Jim’s presentation, in full…

Ocean use policy in the South China Sea

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