After-Action Report: RVM #17 with Jesse Iwuji

Last week’s speaker was Jesse Iwuji (USNA ’10), one of only two African-Americans and the ONLY military veteran racing in the top three NASCAR Cup Series.

There are plenty of RINGKNOCKER racing enthusiasts, and for us Jesse most certainly did not disappoint: he got deep into the physically brutal race car environment, and down into the weeds about the heat, the vibration, and the mental game on the race track. Jesse also gave us a lot of insight into the business end of racing: NASCAR is a pay-to-play sport, and an effective team is constantly thinking many races ahead, lining up money and sponsors in order to make the starting line on race day.

Jesse also told us some stories. How does a minesweeper SWO wind up in the top echelons of NASCAR? It all started with a vision board, and there was a whole lot of grinding it out. Here’s that story in Jesse’s own words…

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