After-Action Report: RVM #18 with Dave Rudko & Dennis Volpe

Dennis Volpe (USNA ’96)

Well, the Class of ’92 did it again. Dave Rudko (USNA ’92) and Dennis Volpe (USNA ’96) drew near-record registration for their talk last week on Emotional Intelligence and the DISC model of human behavior. With a total of 97 registrants, they placed second overall between Dave’s classmates Laura Hatcher (with 101 registrations) and Kevin White (with 87). If this goes on I may need to dump the unauthorized USNA ’97 class ring in our logo and steal theirs instead! 😂🤣😂

Anyway, Dave and Dennis sparked a great conversation, which continued on Zoom literally TWO HOURS after most of us signed off. I’m not sure what the official mark of networking-call perfection is, but that can’t be far off.

What was it all about? Well, beyond the nuts and bolts of DISC and EQ, we spent a lot of time on the critical distinction between leadership—which is something we are all trained to do—and leadership coaching, which is really a step beyond. The entire conversation was a real master class in how to think about optimizing the people part of an organization for success.

Watch the whole thing here…

Up your organization’s interpersonal game!

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