After-Action Report: RVM #19 with Randy Wimmer

If you’re interested in making lots of money, this would have been a good one to catch. I can’t help it… every time I hear Randy Wimmer (USNA ’91) talk about Federal Government Contracting, I get excited. I’ve spent just enough time in that business to have convinced myself that it is hopelessly arcane and complex… and it just never occurred to me to consider those factors as features rather than bugs!

Randy covered in detail the argument in favor of Federal contracting as a business model. He addressed a number of best practices and answered a ton of questions… mostly from me, because I was just too curious to let many other RINGKNOCKERs get a word in edgewise. Sorry, shipmates!

Randy also shared some great news: he is opening up his Government Contracting Academy for a new cohort of entrepreneurs, who will all attack the problem together, from finding just the right opportunity all the way to writing the proposal and negotiating the contract. And the best part? When you take into account what you would have to spend anyway to gear up from a standing start, the marginal cost of Randy’s mentorship is effectively ZERO.

How’s that for an attractive offer? So if you’re considering a Government Contracting play, click here to get in touch with Randy directly. After last week he may be out of space for the current cohort, but do yourself a favor and get in line for the next one today!

Meanwhile, here’s Randy’s presentation from last week, in full, along with a bunch of the Q&A…

Forget everything you ever thought you knew about Federal contracting!

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