After-Action Report: RVM #20 with Doug Nordman

Big thanks to Doug Nordman (USNA ’82) for his presentation last week! As much as I valued the information he shared, I think I valued the resulting conversation even more. Some key takeaways, at least for me:

  • It sounds like the military has got WAAAAY better at preparing young officers to make good financial decisions than they were 20+ years ago, and they back it up with retirement plans worthy of the name. That’s great news!
  • There are a LOT of money guys in the RINGKNOCKER network! I guess I knew that intellectually, but they never really all came out of the woodwork at once until today.
  • John Cordle (USNA ’84) knows Jeff Bacon of Broadside fame! We won’t be forgetting THAT connection, will we shipmates? No sir! 🤣😂🤣 

Ok seriously… the conversation we had last week was a master class in personal finance. Here are some REAL takeaways:

  • Don’t buy a house on active duty. Consider not buying one ever, unless that’s your thing.
  • You are a lot closer to financial independence is closer than you realize. Maybe a LOT closer.
  • John still knows the Broadside guy! How’d you like to hear from THAT cat at a Meetup? 😺

I cut Doug’s whole presentation, along with a bunch of Q&A and discussion, into a single clip. It’s 49 minutes long and worth every second! Here it is…

Financial Independence according to Doug Nordman: a master class.

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