After-Action Report: RVM #21 with Michael Rea

Thanks a bunch to Michael Rea (USNA ’02) for his presentation last week! Those kids headed back to college is clearly a topic near and dear to many of our hearts, as evidenced by the attendance… we almost, but NOT QUITE, eclipsed Laura Hatcher’s record from a couple of months ago. Presumably, if Mike had been USNA ’92, we’d have blown it out of the water. 🤣😂🤣

A couple of key takeaways from Mike’s talk:

  • Not all institutions are even remotely alike! Some have been very successful creating defense in depth against COVID infection… and many have not. Mike gave examples of both and discussed how to think about that.
  • Your child’s university is not thinking about protecting YOU. Life on campus is more or less organized around reducing transmission among students and protecting staff, but when the kids come home, they come with no guarantees. Bears thinking about.
  • Many parents (and even more kids) consider the campus experience to be worth the risk to all concerned! This was a surprise to me personally, but there was no mistaking the tenor of last week’s comments. 

We’ve captured screen video of Mike’s full presentation below, including extensive Q&A. If you’ve got a kid in college this year, this is definitely worth a watch!

Not all institutions are even remotely alike!

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