After-Action Report: RVM #23 with “Guy Snodgrass”

Well… about that…

Those of you who joined us last week (or are paying REALLY close attention to your email) will be aware that I have spent the past couple of weeks recovering from a rather nasty eye injury. In all the confusion, Guy got the impression we had cancelled today’s session, so I wound up impersonating him and either nobody noticed or they were just all too polite to contradict a blind guy.

This injury has limited my ability to do all the stuff necessary to keep the Meetup cycle going, and also made it very clear to me that being the only person operating this infernal machine is NOT a sustainable state. So: lesson learned, and the search for qualified help is well underway.

Perhaps also worth noting just how much better looking much of my social circle is when I can’t actually SEE it. 🤣😂🤣

Seriously, to all of you who reached out with words of encouragement: THANK YOU! I couldn’t respond to much, but Natalia read me every e-mail, LinkedIn message, etc. There were a couple of scary days in there, and if I hadn’t yet figured out just why RINGKNOCKER is a job worth doing, it’s perfectly clear now.


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