After-Action Report: RVM #24 with Jeff Bacon

Thanks again to BROADSIDE creator Jeff Bacon for his presentation last week! Those of you who were in attendance will be under no illusions about just how much of a comic fan I am personally, and I can only hope the rest of you enjoyed that talk half as much as I did! Those who didn’t make it… check out the YouTube channel, you missed a good one!

I’m taking away three pretty epic mental images. The first is of some nameless admiral pinning a Navy Achievement Medal on the chest of the anonymous cartoonist he had sworn to keelhaul. The second is of Leanne Braddock driving a van-load of cartoonists around the countryside while they drew dirty pictures and wrangled with one another like an overgrown pack of hyperactive Cub Scouts.

The third is of the special Meetup we’re going to have when Jeff brings a few of his Wyakin Warrior Foundation folks around to tell their stories. I hope you can all be there for that one. 😀

Oh… for you squids out there, did you ever wonder how BROADSIDE came about? Here’s the story, in Jeff’s own words…

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