After-Action Report: RVM #27 with Robert Williscroft

Thanks again to my dad Robert Williscroft for his presentation on OPERATION IVY BELLS and his newly released novel based on that incredible story! 

OPERATION IVY BELLS was one of the most audacious covert operations of the Cold War era. In the early 1970s, the U.S. Navy invented and deployed the Deep Submergence Rescue Vehicle (DSRV) program as a fully operational cover story, while actually sending teams of divers to the ocean bottom, at extreme depths surpassing 1,000 feet, to place and maintain covert listening devices around Soviet communications cables. IVY BELLS was partially declassified in the early 1990s.

Robert was for many years the Officer-In-Charge leading one of these dive teams to the ocean bottom and back. His second novel to capture the drama of IVY BELLS, Operation Ice Breaker, was released just last week. At the Meetup, Robert shared the real-life story behind the novels, along with lessons learned from a life of adventure.

Here’s one of them, taken from an exchange with Tom “BANSHEE” Trimble (USNA ’00), our favorite RINGKNOCKER warrior-philosopher. For the rest of Robert’s story, visit last week’s Meetup playlist on YouTube, or click here for more leadership lessons from BANSHEE!

Do your homework if you want to live.

A Special Deal for RINGKNOCKERs

Robert has a special offer, just for RINGKNOCKERs! His two IVY BELLS novels, Operation Ivy Bells and just-released sequel Operation Ice Breaker, are available on Amazon for a combined price of about  $36 (paperpack) or $54 (hardcover).

But if you’re a RINGKNOCKER, Robert will send you both novels—personally inscribed to you and signed by him—for only $25 (paperback) or $35 (hardcover). This price includes shipping!

Just contact Robert directly to arrange inscription and payment.

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