After-Action Report: RVM #3 with Tommy Neville

This week we heard from CAPT Tommy Neville (USNA ’95). Tommy was the Navy supply officer in charge of the sprint a few weeks ago to get hospital ship USNS COMFORT upgraded to 4x her original patient capacity, out of refit, and underway en route to New York City. Tommy told us how they pulled it off, and about some of the challenges they had to overcome.

What a tale! Watch the whole thing here… except for the parts we had to cut out. Sometimes you just gotta be there lol.

We also got into some really interesting details about the Navy supply chain, and exposed what sounds like a no-kidding business opportunity: there is a serious need across the Navy (and the other services as well) for face coverings. Not medical-grade N-95 masks: face coverings, just sufficient to contain drops of saliva produced when the troops breathe, cough, or sneeze. The need is immediate and in quantity… vast quantity! So this is a true opportunity to do some serious business while serving our troops and our country. Get after it, RINGKNOCKERS! 👊

Here’s a clip of Tommy and Darrin Briggs (USNA ’03) discussing the opportunity…

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