After-Action Report: RVM #30 with Jason Williscroft

Last week was a major RINGKNOCKER milestone! Founder Jason Williscroft (USNA ’95) dropped all other projects last week to become RINGKNOCKER’s first full time employee. And last Thursday, Jason took the speaker’s chair to walk the RINGKNOCKERs through our brand new Sponsorship Program!

What is RINGKNOCKER Sponsorship?

  1. You tell us what you are looking for in a customer, an employee, or a business partner.
  2. We find highly-connected current & former military officers who meet that description, invite them to Meetups so you can share a great experience in a relaxed social setting, and give you a prioritized list so you can make contact on your own.
  3. Regular feedback from you keeps your list on target as your requirements develop and your business needs change.

RINGKNOCKER’s mission is to create a high-trust community of warriors who support one another with encouragement, mentorship, and opportunities, specially selected to be a great fit for one another.

That mission is ALREADY accomplished, EVERY week. As a new Sponsor, all you have to do is plug in! There are still a few spots left in our Beta Sponsor Cohort (just 12 in all), so see our Sponsorship FAQ and then get in touch to start your RINGKNOCKER Sponsorship today!

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