After-Action Report: RVM #31 with Bob Louthan

Thanks so much to Bob Louthan (VMI ’82), who gave us a two-fer last night: we got to hear about his VeteranCrowd Network, AND we watched him interview his VMI classmate Jeff Modisette about the 1981 liberation of Spartacus the Army Mule. Folks… I don’t even know where to begin with this one. Just watch the video below. If I have ANY regrets, it is only that NEITHER topic got the time it deserved. 

Also, pro tip: apparently mules like candy, but it’s a mistake to feed them too much of it. Words of wisdom right there.

An audacious story of courage, sacrifice, and a trailer!

During his story about the origins of VeteranCrowd, Bob mentioned a book he used to help identify a path forward during a turning point in his life. It turned out I used the same book for the same purpose a decade later, and our shipmate Pat Cerchio uses excerpts from the SAME book when she counsels transitioning veterans!

The book is What Color Is Your Parachute?, and it’s clearly well-recommended! As they all do, the 2020 edition presents a straightforward procedure that helps you evolve a great road map for your future, from wherever you are today!

Pat was also kind enough to share a list of other great books she uses in her transition counseling. You can download the list here. If one of these books turns out to be useful for you, do tell us about it!

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