After-Action Report: RVM #32 with Luis Martinez

Many thanks to Luis Martinez (USNA ’01) for coming to tell us about the U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association Greater Washington DC ChapterBoy that’s a mouthful lol.

I appreciate that this was a lot of “inside baseball” for our non-Navy and non-Service Academy members, but I also think much of Luis’ experience translates well to other alumni associations and other institutions. They ALL have to solve the same problems, first among them being to attract and keep the attention and energy of busy alumni like you and me.

Thanks also to Laura Hatcher (USNA ’92), John Stammreich (same, natch), and everybody else who spoke up for all the insight on how alumni get involved in the admissions process. Another example of the great circle of life! (Although IRL I’m pretty sure the lion eats the monkey.)

The Alumni Association Proposition

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