After-Action Report: RVM #33 with Ray Garfield

Many thanks to Ray Garfield (USNA ’66) for his presentation last night on public/private financing! There are a LOT of facets to this story, and it’s a tribute to Ray’s ability to spin a yarn that he was able to fit it all in. Here are some key takeaways:

  • There is more than one way to fund public works. Ray’s method leverages the marketplace. He’s closed over $2 BILLION in projects over the last 25 years, which I think counts as a track record. 😀 If you are looking for new and interesting ways to diversify your portfolio, get in touch! 
  • Ray seeks to connect with new business allies, like: architects, general contractors, hotel/performing arts/arena/convention center operators, and certainly public agency leaders: i.e., Mayors, City Managers, Investment Bankers, Financial Advisors, Bond Counsel, Market Consultants, Real Estate Attorneys, etc.
  • Garfield Public/Private is looking to hire an Analyst (likely a young person with a talent for data) and a more senior operator with strong experience in construction management (a former Combat Engineer of some description would suit nicely).

Let’s see if we can help Ray make those connections. It sounds like a win for all sides!

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