After-Action Report: RVM #34 with John Asher

Many thanks to John Asher (USNA ’63) for his presentation last week on selling in the COVID era!

This was a fire-hose of a presentation, driven by a ton of recent, well-capitalized research and a ton of experience actually selling stuff. Here’s a VERY sketchy list of what John covered:

  • Recent recession history: lessons learned.
  • An 80/20 rule, and another one.
  • Survey of B2B Buyers.
  • Digital presence.
  • Buyer engagement.
  • Referrals.
  • Self service.
  • Digital channels.
  • Selling priorities.
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator & Crystal Knows

… and that wasn’t even the first half!

John’s entire presentation is in the clip below, and it is a master class in closing the deal during the worst sales environment of our lifetimes… although, as John points out, A RECESSION IS AN OPPORTUNITY TO INNOVATE!

If you are in sales—and, face it, we are ALL selling SOMETHING—you need to go get a RINGKNOCKER Subscription so you can watch this whole presentation. John also offered a big stack of free resources to all attendees at this Meetup. You can have them too! Just fill out this form.

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