After-Action Report: RVM #35 with Shaun McAndrew

Many thanks to Shaun McAndrew (USNA ’93) for last week’s peek through the “green curtain” at the Naval Academy! The topic was fascinating in its own right: a through-the-looking-glass view of an institution that we ALL know (our own versions, anyway)… but mostly from one side.

I’d like to add an extra layer of compliment to that. Many of the topics we discussed last week were somewhat charged… for example, the relation between mandatory high retention at the Naval Academy and high-profile mishaps in the Fleet. Shall we say opinions differ? Certainly brawls have started over less, yet the discussion Shaun led went so smoothly that I didn’t even realize until afterward just how close to shoal water we’d sailed!

So Bravo Zulu to Shaun, and I guess to the rest of us too, for being willing to go there but able to keep it friendly. Makes me feel almost like a grown-up. 😀

Oh… and did you know SWOs are the cool kids now??? See for yourself…

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