After-Action Report: RVM #36 with Jordan Foley

Many thanks to Jordan Foley (USNA ’12) and his fellow travelers Amy Katz and Soul-Food-Chef-On-Wheels Adonis Adams for last week’s in-depth look at the food truck business!

I just can’t overemphasize this: in a year when something like two-thirds of U.S. restaurants are going to go belly-up, this is what thriving looks like. Lucky timing is only the tip of the iceberg: it takes guts, faith, and a steady hand to pull a rabbit out of a hat that the rest of the business world is running screaming away from. I’m just blown away by the scrappiness of this niche, and of what these guys are accomplishing.

When the clips of this Meetup are released, I encourage everybody to share them and this trio’s contact info (see the attachment) with every transitioning veteran you know. Let’s spread the word that there is business to be done here: real, roll-up-your-sleeves-and-serve-your-customers business, with low startup costs, accessible training (thanks Jordan!), and ready technology support (thanks Amy!). And it is a business, as Adonis clearly demonstrates, where leadership makes a difference.

How’s that for a sweet spot? 😀 Here’s a clip of Jordan describing the opportunity…

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