After-Action Report: RVM #37 with Pat Cerchio

Many thanks to our shipmate Pat Cerchio for walking us through a fascinating exercise last week! For those of you who didn’t make it, you missed a treat: what I can only describe the first-ever RINGKNOCKER guided meditation. The video is spectacular… but sadly will only be shared with the participants. Bit of a vulnerable moment there. 😀

Seriously, though… vulnerability is something that doesn’t come easy to knuckle-draggers like us: not just vulnerability to one another, but a deeper openness to ourselves. My hope is that the glimpse Pat showed us through that door will motivate some to explore more deeply a question that a life of service does not condition us to ask: Just what in blazes do I WANT?

Asking that question is a win, every time we ask it. If you feel motivated to walk a few more steps down that path and figure out what YOU want, please contact Pat directly! If you were at the Meetup, you know how.

Meanwhile, for those who may be familiar with the “Law of Attraction,” here’s an interesting and totally pragmatic view of it… 

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