After-Action Report: RVM #39 with John Laney

Many thanks to John Laney (USNA ’00) for his presentation last night! Seriously, what an awesome way to start the year.

Here are my early takeaways:

  • You don’t know what you don’t know. Better minds than yours didn’t know it either, and they often got it wrong–or right, who knows–in different and instructive ways. John offered Nietzsche vs Freud vs Frankl on “what men desire”, but that’s a principle with legs.
  • Twisty roads offer better scenery. Which is fortunate, because not too many people hoist a flag. Everybody else exits the twelve-lane career path a little earlier, so you might as well enjoy it.
  • Service is a superpower. Find a group of people you care about and serve their interests to the limit of your ability. Wait, isn’t that part of a business plan? Sure… but it matters whether you put it at the beginning or the end. 

If you’re going to lead the finest men & women in the Navy, you’ve got to be a life-long learner… and the way adults learn is by reading.

I’m super excited to link up with John and figure out how RINGKNOCKER and DODReads can create that proverbial rising tide. More on that soon!

I heard from a couple of folks who had trouble logging into the call today. Believe me, I share your frustration! This was the primary motivation for creating the new website. After hearing your feedback today, we did an extra round of testing on the new site, just to validate that it REALLY DOES solve those sign-in problems. And it does!

Unfortunately, the launch is slightly delayed. We wound up having to do a domain transfer, which takes longer than a simple mapping. Might be a couple of days. In any case, we’ll let you know via email just as soon as it is available for you to play with!

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