After-Action Report: RVM #4 with Bill Watkins

This week we heard from Bill Watkins (USMA ’77): the CEO Whisperer.

Bill’s business is the mentorship of business leaders. Bill mentors dozens of firms large and small from his ranch in Wyoming… most of them led by former military officers, and most of those service academy alumni. So Bill has a unique perspective, uniquely relevant to this community. He already knows many of us individually… but he also knows us intimately as a category, and is highly practiced both in keeping us out of hot water and in fishing us out when we fall in.

Here’s a pretty good example of how he does it…

“No one will forget how you act right now. No one.”

We also heard from BANSHEE, whose HMH-64 just took home Squadron of the Year. Stand by for a lesson from the Marines on servant leadership and what happens when you put your people first!

“When you focus on your people, they make the machines fly.”

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