After-Action Report: RVM #43 with Tyler Goble

These Meetups of ours just seem to keep getting better, don’t they?

Many thanks to Tyler Goble (@tyler, USNA ’16) and his bride Lindsey for their talk about their real estate investment firm, LTG Investments, and their mission to take a bite out of the human trafficking problem!

This was interesting from all kinds of directions.

First of all, Tyler and Lindsey dug deep into the dynamics of the business itself. Just how does one manage an investment company that operates in multiple regions during a pandemic? How do they source and structure their deals? And how do they manage it all with half their senior management team on active duty? They addressed all this and more.

Secondly, they painted a vivid picture of the human trafficking problem their firm tackles, in partnership with Unbound Now, an organization founded and still operated by Lindsey’s mother. Perhaps I live a sheltered life… I had been under the impression that human trafficking is a problem confined to some of the darker corners of the Third World. I was not aware than it happens at home in the United States, in volume, and right under our very noses.

Lindsey shared her personal experience on the rescue end of the problem, and dug into some of the ways that human traffickers leverage psychology and social media to enslave our children and grandchildren, sometimes literally inside their own homes. This is frightening stuff, folks! I’m sure we will take some pretty high-impact clips out of this section, and I hope you share them far and wide!

Finally our own Dave Rudko (@davidrudko, USNA ’92) chimed in to give us some perspective on a larger picture: of social entrepreneurship as a movement that competes head-to-head with the old model of institutional do-goodery, and more and more is winning on both efficiency and impact. For those of us who run companies and care about the world we live in, Dave had a message that Tyler and Lindsey could confirm from the ground: when we mate the profit motive with the desire to make a positive social impact, the resulting alignment of incentives is powerfully effective at achieving both.

It’s a win every way around!

On a personal note… I got my start as a Private in the Marine Corps in 1988, and I’m not sure I remember hearing my officers speak as articulately as Tyler did tonight. And I served with Marine Artillery, which as everybody knows is the real intellectual home of the Marine Corps. So whatever they are feeding those ground-pounders these days, it’s working! 😂🤣😂

It was also a blast to meet new attendee Andrew Heil (@andrew-heil-12468096, USNA ’12). Andrew’s last sea billet in the Navy was the same job on the same ship as my FIRST, uh, a while ago! At some point I’m going to have to get him to tell me if in twenty years they ever figured out how to go more than six TACTAS deployments without burning out the %@&#% cable brakes!

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