After-Action Report: RVM #46 with Emily Harman

Many thanks to Emily Harman (@emily-harman-cpcm-8580413, USNA ’85) for her presentation tonight on the Onward Movement!

Everybody wants to leave a mark. Everybody wants to change the world in some way that is uniquely them.

But the truth is, very few of us actually DO it. Sniping from the sidelines is easy. But rolling up your sleeves and actually ENGAGING with the world you want to change, in a meaningful and sustainable way? That’s hard!

Here at RINGKNOCKER we see a lot of examples of this. Let’s just take a quick walk back in time:

  • Last week Dean Wegner told us how he launched his apparel brand Authentically American from a blank sheet of paper.
  • Two weeks ago Jon Macaskill told us how he helps bring peace and productivity to people who have seen HORRIBLE things through mindfulness and meditation.
  • Before that, Tyler Goble told us how he’s using his real estate investment company to attack human trafficking.
  • Before that, IRON Mike Steadman told us how he used a free boxing gym to bring economic opportunity to the streets of Newark, NJ.

I mean we’ve got ELEVEN MONTHS of this stuff!

So here we are again. Emily began the Onward Movement with the exact observation we just made: lots of people have dreams. Few actually fulfil them. But instead of just MAKING the observation and moving on, Emily decided to roll up her sleeves and attack the problem. That became HER dream.

This evening, Emily explained WHY she has that dream, through her own story and those of a handful of well over a hundred podcast interviewees. Then she described for us HOW she is fulfilling that dream, via book contributions, her podcast, and a robust coaching practice designed to replace every SHOULD with a WANT.

Emily’s key goal for Onward is to create a positive impact on ten thousand lives. Judging by her Facebook group membership, she’s well on her way!

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