After-Action Report: RVM #48 with Rachael Jackson

Many thanks to Rachael Jackson (USMA ’03) for her presentation tonight on REV, a community-first social platform bringing people together with inspiring stories and nurturing communities to create positive impact!

The basic RINGKNOCKER premise is simple, right? We support our shipmates, and we mostly do that by doing business together. Follow that to its logical conclusion and here we all are.

But what if you began with a slightly different premise? Replace support with inspiration: We inspire each other. And replace the business thing with stories: we inspire each other by sharing our true stories.

Follow THAT to its logical conclusion, and you get Rachael Jackson and REV: the antidote to everything you hate about social networking.🙂

Tonight Rachael got out front and showed us what that means is practice, by sharing her own journey from the cockpit of an Apache attack helicopter to the helm of REV. In the discussion that followed, Rachael shared her vision of REV as a platform for leaders to lead by sharing their own examples through the power of story.

There were a million questions, many from me. But all the way through I held out on the ONE question I had that I just couldn’t figure out how to frame… until she just went and answered it on her own, so briefly and beautifully that both question and answer are worth reproducing here.

My question: Just what incentivizes all of these producers to tell their stories on REV, instead of on some other platform or on their own?

Rachael’s answer: When a leader entrusts REV with their transformational story, our mission is to ensure that their story is not wasted.


Here’s an unexpected surprise of this new profession of mine: meeting people who have taken the same fundamental idea—building a community—and by adding their own twist have produced something utterly unique and uniquely important. It’s like playing jazz with the whole world as your stage, and while there’s an endless list of jobs that may pay better, it’s hard to imagine one that is more fun.

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  1. Jason thank you very much for the time and effort. I do believe that through you and our group, I will find some good salty men/women, to help me do these interviews, which are the last things I need to finalize my dissertation.