After-Action Report: RVM #5 with Marty McMahon

This week we heard from executive talent magnet Marty McMahon (USNA ’92).

Marty co-founded executive search firm FlemingMartin in 2011 and manages the firm’s San Francisco Bay Area office. He focuses on searches for software clients and is also the firm’s HR practice leader. Marty specializes in learning new technologies and their applications very quickly and then evangelizing his client companies in the marketplace.

We talked about the effects of the COVID crisis on the employment marketplace, from both the employee and the employer perspectives. While acknowledging the very real challenges the crisis has imposed on both sides of the interviewing table, Marty also highlighted some bright spots: a number of real opportunities that talented operators can take advantage of right now!

Here’s one…

“If you have the talent, these employers are more and more going to come find you where you are.”

We heard from a number of new attendees, but a real standout was Jaden Risner (USNA ’07), who told us the story of FamilyProud: a software company dedicated to changing the way families navigate hardship. 

I can’t possibly do this justice, so I’ll give it to you in Jaden’s own words. Bring a handkerchief.

“FamilyProud is a software company that changes the way our families navigate hardship.”

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