After-Action Report: RVM #50 with Bill Watkins

Many thanks to RINGKNOCKER Sponsor Bill Watkins (USMA ’77) for last night’s presentation on the 90-day launch sequence to more and better!

For those of you who don’t know, Bill and RINGKNOCKER go way back. Before I landed 14 time zones away, I was a member of Bill’s 10x cohort. This was a frantic time: the mother of all scorched-earth divorces had left me bankrupt and virtually unable to work in a profession I no longer loved anyway. Bill’s toolkit provided the structure I needed to work the problem, while the Lions Pride community and Bill personally kept me topped up on encouragement and helped me navigate a number of very scary decisions that left me in an immeasurably better position.

I can say without reservation that, in an alternate universe where I had not access to the Lions Pride toolkit, RINGKNOCKER would not exist and I would personally still be in a world of hurt. And that is substantially the exact same toolkit that Bill presented to the RINGKNOCKERs last night.

It was in summary form. Each element requires an explanation, which comes in due course during Cohort work but which is also available for free on The Lions Pride website. Just go to the home page and hit the Free Resources menu in the upper left corner:

Hit the Free Resources dropdown!

You’ll be glad you did.

There was a lot of discussion last night about the idea of a bold belief: the commitments that make you jump out of bed in the morning, which form the foundation for everything you do as a leader, as a team, and as a business. This was a difficult concept for me a couple years ago when I was working with the Lion’s Pride cohort, and I don’t think I really understood it until RINGKNOCKER started coming together. It’s important enough to recap the point here.

Here’s a proposition: it’s pointless to try explaining the relevance of heavy weapons experience to a hiring manager who has never pulled a trigger.

If you’re either looking for a job or advising somebody who is, your opinion of that statement matters. If you believe it, you’re going to want to find the veteran in the hiring decision chain. If you can’t find one, you’re going to move on to a company where hiring decisions are made by knuckle-draggers like you. If you buy that concept, you’re going to wind up in a different job.

As it happens, I believe this. But I never actually articulated that belief—even to myself—until I had done several dozen RINGKNOCKER intros and heard other people reflect back to me the essence of what I was saying: in this community, your measure has already been taken.

Once I understood where I was headed, everything changed, because we started going there on purpose, every time. The result is the unique character of the group RINGNOCKER has become.

We are comfortable with the idea that you can tell what a person believes by watching what they do. This is just as true for ourselves. Probably more so.

So writing down your bold beliefs as part of some workshop? That’s a hard exercise in creative writing, and it feels like homework.

But writing down the elements of your own behavior that are so obvious even you can no longer ignore them? That’s easy. The hard part is living out the consequences, and that’s where the adventure begins.

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