After-Action Report: RVM #59 with Ian Schuster

Many thanks to Ian Schuster (USNA ’96), Founder & CEO of Natural Xpression (NXP), for his talk last night on NXP’s origin story and the incredible potential of precision nutrition!

Vitamins and other nutritional supplements today are a fact of life. But you don’t have to go TOO far back in time—just about 50 years, the span of my life—to get to a point where supplementing your nutrition with vitamin pills was the stuff of science fiction, and the people who did that were considered… well, ODD.

RINGKNOCKER Dad Robert Williscroft was one of those people. I remember, as a little boy back in the 70s, helping him decant vitamin and mineral supplements from big plastic bottles and combining them into little foil packets and then into tupperware boxes that went with him on deployment. He had different packets to take with breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

A lot of doctors will tell you that the main thing most of these supplements give you is very expensive urine. That’s because it is really hard to know exactly what you should take, or how much. So we gym rats take a shotgun approach to make sure we get what we need… and then we wind up flushing the excess down the toilet. That can get REALLY expensive! And, of course, we might entirely miss something important.

Well, now it is 2021, and we are sitting at the convergence of a number of very interesting trends.

  • We know more than we ever have about the roles all these micro-nutrients play in our bodies. And—much more so than 50 years ago—we actually know what they are FOR.
  • We now understand that everybody is genetically different: you might process a vitamin differently than I do, so that you might need a supplement, whereas I can get all I need of it from my food.
  • The cost of finding out which category you are in is dropping exponentially! 23andme will sequence your entire genome in a couple of days for just $100. In addition to telling you whether you are prone to lung cancer, it also tells you how well you process Vitamin A.

So put all this together, and we’re right next to one of the holy grails of fitness: precision nutrition, where we can get EXACTLY the nutrient mix our bodies need for optimal health, WITHOUT ingesting a bunch of garbage our bodies DON’T need… and without flushing a bunch of money down the toilet!

Last night, Ian walked the RINGKNOCKERs through NXP’s origin story. This was worth the website subscription all on its own, for two reasons. Yes, it was a story of resilience and problem-solving under fire. But perhaps more important was something Ian might not have intended: we got an amazing example of what it sounds like when a master marketer describes a product he loves. See for yourself when the clips come out; look for one with a title something like “Ian Schuster and Craft Beer: a Love Story”. 😁

Then there was precision nutrition. Ian took us through the science behind the approach, as well as the process of delivering exactly the nutrition your body needs, even as your body and circumstances change. See the video for detail, but here’s the takeaway: precision nutrition is FAR less expensive than you might expect!

NXP is within weeks of product launch, and is putting together a limited Alpha program for early adopters. Given our typically healthy lifestyle, Ian is particularly interested in tapping the RINGKNOCKER community for this Alpha program. If you’re interested, just reply right here and NXP will be in touch!

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  1. Gene mapping is such an interesting concept. Fantastic idea to apply that to nutrition! I’d be interested Ian!

    1. Hello John, we are really excited too about how it changes everything in our approach to nutrition. If you can send me (to your best email I’ll make sure we reach out when things start up. Hard to say when at the moment though, as we need a few more of our suppliers in India — where most of the natural vitamins and botanicals come from — to reopen, and then we’re a go! Best guess is mid to late July.