After-Action Report: RVM #6 with Chris Akins

Last week’s guest speaker was Chris Akins (USNA ‘95), a Psychology Fellow with the VA Eastern Colorado Healthcare System, based in Golden, CO.

The topic was psychological aspects of the COVID crisis. Not how to ENDURE it, shipmates, oh no. Chris gave us some pointers on how to EXPLOIT the crisis, and how to THRIVE through it, given what we know about our own psychology and that of our employees, customers, and other stakeholders.

For example, consider this question. COVID has been a factor for weeks now, and generally speaking everybody in this group has come to terms with that and is busy getting after it. But we are surrounded by employees, customers, and maybe prospective employers who are still mentally and emotionally sheltered in place. How to we break through those people’s malaise and get them moving in a useful direction?

If you’re a service academy graduate, Chris’ response will not surprise you in the least. Here it is…

It’s astonishing how often LEADERSHIP is the answer. Ok… not really. 🙂

We saw a bunch of new faces this week, and also got some great updates from previous Meetup attendees! Some of you will remember Peter Joukov’s introduction last week of his tattoo franchise inq Tattoos. Well, this week he had a success story to report: it looks like leveraging his military network has brought him a great new franchisee candidate!

“We’re all helping each other out. This works! That’s the bottom line.”

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