After-Action Report: RVM #61 with Jeff Evenson

Many thanks to this week’s guest speaker Jeff Evenson (USMA ’90) for introducing The Lions Pride’s ONWARD Initiative!

Let’s take this by stages.

If you’ve attended more than a handful of Meetups, you will have met Bill Watkins. Bill has built and sold a broad portfolio of businesses and now runs The Lions Pride, where an elite cohort of veteran Founder/CEOs work together to 10x their lives, both in business and beyond.

I first met Jeff a couple of years ago when I joined the Lions Pride cohort. Jeff was preparing to exit his chain of beauty salons, and I was trying to figure out how (or, as it turned out, WHETHER) to rebuild my consulting business following the divorce that destroyed it.

In his presentation, Jeff described the path that brought him to TLP. By any standard, this is a remarkable story… but within The Lions Pride cohort, it is standard fare. That’s the power of this group: the water in which these fish swim is rare indeed!

Fast forward a couple of years, and The Lions Pride experience set my feet on an amazing and unexpected path that, ironically, made it impractical to participate consistently from 14 time zones away. And I will unabashedly say that I miss seeing those guys every week.

But Jeff took what I guess you could call the opposite path: he put much of his income-generating operation on autopilot and joined Bill Watkins’ team as a senior coach, with specific responsibility to oversee the ONWARD Initiative. And Jeff’s presentation—at least as far as RINGKNOCKER is concerned—was its official launch!

So just what is the ONWARD Initiative?

The mission of The Lions Pride is to support 10,000 Founder/CEOs. Nice if they are paying the premium rate, but that isn’t the point of the mission, and there are a LOT of veterans out there running businesses who could benefit from some high-level coaching.

So with every new Cohort membership, The Lions Pride will sponsor one Veteran business owner as a Courses of Action member for one year. This means:

  1. One full year of direct business mentorship from an active Cohort member. 
  2. Unlimited access to The Lions Pride’s full arsenal of tools, including how to set-up and deploy the incredibly powerful One Page Business Plan. No other tool helps you align your brand with your business goals, marketing efforts, and team building.
  3. Live coaching with Jeff and the TLP team.

All of this works out to about a $5,000 value, and—beyond the expectation that a participant will buckle down and do the work—there are NO strings attached!

Each applicant will make a short presentation at a RINGKNOCKER Meetup to introduce the team and pitch the business. This presentation, along with any RINGKNOCKER feedback, will factor into TLP’s decision to award the scholarship.

To qualify, an applicant must…

  • Be a U.S. military veteran, officer or enlisted.
  • Run an early-stage business that is currently generating revenue.

That’s it! The ONWARD Initiative is accepting applications now. If you know an eligible veteran who is ready for a 10x acceleration in business and in life, please share the link!

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