After-Action Report: RVM #64 with Tom Schwab

If you’ve been to more than one recent Meetup you’ve heard me talk about Tribify, the startup we spun off of RINGKNOCKER to sell our technology platform. Last week I mentioned our upcoming RELATIONSHIP SALES MASTERY event. It’s the second one in the series, and takes place on 10 August.

The central question we created those events to answer is: if you need to establish a RELATIONSHIP in order to sell whatever product or a service you sell, how do you scale that? Because a human being can only handle so many relationships at once.

We figure every solution to the problem uses some combination of three strategies:

  1. You can spread more relationships across a larger team. That’s the old school method.
  2. You can become more efficient at handling relationships with less work. That’s where we got marketing automation & sales funnels.
  3. You can become more CHOOSY, and actually spend MORE time developing relationships with just the right people. That’s the Tribify approach.

So we were just one event into the RELATIONSHIP SALES MASTERY series when I managed to connect with this week’s guest speaker. Tom Schwab (USNA ’87) is founder & CEO of a company called Interview Valet, and you could almost say that the service he provides is a FOURTH basic strategy to scaling relationships!

Interview valet works with thought leaders—that is, people with interesting products, services, or ideas—and podcast hosts. They arrange podcast interviews.

That’s great for the podcast host… trust me, even though RINGKNOCKER isn’t exactly a podcast, the central problem I have to solve around here every week is who is occupying the speaker’s chair the next week’s Meetup!

Leveraging other people’s audiences is more powerful than leveraging other people’s money.

Tom Schwab, CEO, Inverview Valet

But for the interviewee… Think about how targeted the RINGKNOCKER audience is. An interview on the right podcast is like a feature-length mainline straight into your most valuable customer’s brain housing group. In terms of marketing ROI, it’s just off the charts!

Tom is actually going to be the guest speaker Tribify’s next RSM event, but meanwhile I was able to talk him into coming to this week’s Meetup first and explaining how this podcast interview thing works.

What we wound up with was a master class in modern content marketing strategy. Here’s just a taste of the questions Tom addressed:

  • The Landscape. What podcasts are out there, how the popular ones are distributed, and why they are so highly targeted.
  • The Value Proposition. Why does it make sense to be a podcast guest and what a successful outcome looks like.
  • The Preparation. What assets need to be in place in order to capitalize on success as a podcast interviewee?
  • The Process. How does Interview Valet set its customers up for success as podcast interviewees?
  • The Other Side of the Mic. What do successful podcasters do to capitalize on a high-quality interviewee?

We finished up with with a great Q&A that dug deep into specific podcasting use cases, led by:

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