After-Action Report: RVM #65 with Randy Wimmer

We’ve been doing RINGKNOCKER Virtual Meetups for almost a year and a half.

We do updates and intros at every Meetup. The fact that we HAVE updates is kind of a marker: it means we have repeat attendees, and increasingly we’ve been around long enough that some of those returning attendees have milestones to tell us about.

This week’s guest speaker was Randy Wimmer (USNA ’91), founder & CEO of the Government Contracting Academy. He’s in the same category… only more so!

Bit of background: Randy’s a government contracting expert. He built & sold two federal contracting companies and has distilled that process down into a science. So when he spoke at RVM-19, almost exactly a year ago at the end of last July, he was busy formalizing that process into the Government Contracting Academy. GCA offers a months-long course of learning and mentorship that takes a student from his kitchen table to a signed contract.

In the year since then, Randy has fully launched GCA and his first cadre of students are approaching liftoff. Some of them you probably know… a name that jumps immediately to mind is Ray Villarreal, who is one of Randy’s Naval Academy classmates and has joined a couple of Meetups to update us on his progress. Here’s an example:

Ray’s GCA update starts at 3:12

Anyway, the point is that this week we got a SPEAKER update, with a significant new milestone on the navigational arc of Randy’s Government Contracting Academy!

GCA has had such success with its first cadre of individual students that Randy has decided to move to a cohort model. This will give GCA the ability to scale more quickly while also reducing costs to the individual student. So if you’re interested in creating wealth from your kitchen table, the price of admission just notched down 50%!

Of course Randy also presented the key arguments in favor of government contracting as a business model, with a deep dive into just WHICH contracts a new firm should pursue. Think you know the answer? Guess again! The right answer (and Randy’s argument is compelling) is completely counter-intuitive!

As always, Randy’s presentation was packed with good gouge. Missed the show? Start your RINGKNOCKER Subscription today and never miss another one!

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