After-Action Report: RVM #71 with Paul Huszar

Many thanks to is Paul Huszar (USMA ’90), CEO of RINGKNOCKER Sponsor VetCor Services, for joining us this week to tell us the VetCor story!

When I started RINGKNOCKER 20 months ago I had no idea what I was stepping into.

I mean that literally: I was NOT a particularly engaged Naval Academy grad, and since I left the service I haven’t lived in places with big veteran communities, so when I thought I’d invite a bunch of shipmates to join me on a Zoom call I didn’t realize that “things for veterans” was already an industry sector.

So now I know different. And if I’ve learned ANYTHING about that, it’s this: there’s a lot of lip service out there. It’s EASY to talk the talk. Walking the walk is a different story.

So this was why I was particularly excited to introduce Paul. It isn’t that VetCor makes a point of employing veterans, although they do: virtually all VetCor employees, across the home office and 10 franchise offices, are either veterans or military spouses.

But what sets VetCor apart is that Paul and the VetCor leadership team have systematically set out to identify the elements of military culture and training that support VetCor’s mission, and hang a business plan around them. We spent an hour talking about how this plays out:

  • Customers get an appointment, not a time window.
  • Risk management is a practice, not a slogan.
  • Operators on the ground understand commander’s intent and have clearly defined goalposts, guardrails, checkpoints, and reporting requirements.
  • Franchises operate independently at a local level but can hook into a Join Operations Center to scrum around regional disasters.

So this was a fascinating presentation at a couple of different levels.

At one level, it just sounds like a great franchise opportunity! VetCor’s business model is recession-proof, pandemic-proof, and anti-fragile to the entire gamut of natural disasters. If you want to be in a position to thrive when Yellowstone detonates or meteors pulverize Los Angeles, VetCor is a pretty good bet, and you’ll appreciate their familiar and effective way of operating.

But at another level, VetCor stands as an amazing case study of just how effectively the military culture, mindset, and playbook translate into the civilian world when thoughtful people work hard to get it right. If you wanted a powerful validation of the objective value of the things you care about, VetCor’s success delivers it.

Now THAT is walking the walk.

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