After-Action Report: RVM #8 with Stuart Grazier

This week’s guest speaker was Stuart Grazier (USNA ’02). By day, Stuart is XO of Navy Operational Support Center, Denver. Enterprising officer that he is, though, Stuart also has a shore-duty side hustle: he’s a very successful real estate investor.

Stuart shared a critical insight he has developed over a decade and a half exercising virtually every strategy a small investor can deploy into the real estate market. It is the insight that drives Storehouse 3:10 Ventures, the turnkey investment firm he built with his USNA roommate, and it is the insight they teach other real estate investors at frequent (now virtual) conferences like Veterans REI Live, coming up this month on 29 & 30 May.

The insight is simply this: real estate investing is a team sport! People don’t invest in real estate. People invest in PEOPLE. Get the people right, and you can get the investment right. Get the people wrong, and you’ll learn the hard way that nothing else matters. 

Here it is in Stuart’s own words…

Real estate investing is a team sport.

As usual, there was a lot of great discussion throughout the Meetup! Much of it centered on questions of entrepreneurship: why military officers are suited for it, and where to find the skills required to support it.

Former Navy CAPT Laura Hatcher, a long-time entrepreneur, offered a stirring appeal to young officers preparing to leave the service for the civilian world: the cubicle doesn’t HAVE to be your destination! Shun the Borg.

Watch and learn…

What if your hobby became your jobby?

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