After-Action Report: RVM #9 with Kimberly Mitchell

This week’s guest speaker was really special. Kimberly Mitchell (USNA ’96) has an extraordinary life story, which began on the killing fields of Vietnam, and did not end there only because a long line of people⁠—old men, young soldiers, anonymous nuns, adoptive parents⁠—cared more for the welfare of a motherless orphan than they did for their own convenience, comfort, and safety.

In her own words, to veterans who served during the Vietnam War:

I am here because you chose to serve when service was unpopular, and you did so with honor, courage and valor.

I have a life in America because of you. I served in the Navy because of your service. I work to ensure that veterans and their families have the resources they need because, when you came home, you didn’t.

Your leadership ensures that my generation’s service is appreciated, and I will not allow your sacrifice to be forgotten.

This week RINGKNOCKER was honored to present Kim’s story as an expression of gratitude to those who came before us and showed us the way. Kim has dedicated her professional life to the support of veterans of the Vietnam war as well as those who came after. It is her mission to ensure that all service to our nation is honored and appreciated, no matter which politicians happen to be in charge at the time.  

Nobody can articulate this message better than Kim can, so here is an incredibly moving story of what happens when we do appreciate such service, in her own words…

“We should never let our service members feel that they didn’t do something good.”

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