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What is RINGKNOCKER Sponsorship?

RINGKNOCKER Sponsorship is a 3-step framework that lets you leverage the RINGKNOCKER platform to meet and recruit your ideal customer, employee, or business partner, and turn EVERY new relationship into a mutual win, whether you close the deal or not!

Here are the steps:

  1. You tell RINGKNOCKER what you are looking for in your ideal customer, employee, or business partner. Later we’ll get into how we define that.
  2. We generate a Prospect List and share it with you… and then we both work your list. RINGKNOCKER invites your Prospects to register for Meetups. You evaluate your Prospects for goodness-of-fit, and make contact where appropriate. Invite them to a Meetup!
  3. Based on your experience with your Prospects (and your list), you provide feedback to help RINGKNOCKER improve the targeting of your list… and then we repeat that cycle, as often as necessary, to dial in your targeting and maximize the quality of your list.

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How many profiles are on my Prospect List, and how often do I get new ones?

We’ve addressed pricing below, but the minimum list size is 100 profiles, which should be a good start for most Sponsors. Your list represents the very top of the entire RINGKNOCKER database—at this writing about 50,000 current & former military officers—ranked according to your requirements. The list updates several times a day, and its content is affected in several ways:

  • The universe of prospects is constantly expanding, usually by 200-300 new prospects per day, in a manner partially governed by Sponsor targeting.
  • Existing prospects are constantly refined as additional data about them rolls in.
  • List contents may change dramatically as we dial in your targeting.

So a Sponsor will only ever have a short list of the BEST prospects we can find… but the contents of that list will change over time. They way your list develops as time passes should deliver useful intelligence all its own.

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How is my Prospect List delivered, and what kind of information does it provide?

Your RINGKNOCKER Prospect List is delivered as a Google Sheet and published as an open link, making it easy to share with your stakeholders and staff. The list is read-only, but you can use the full functionality of Google Sheets to filter it, sort it, and otherwise slice and dice the data.

The most important pieces of information on the Prospect List are identity and relative positioning. Each Prospect is linked directly to its LinkedIn profile. Where available, the Prospect List contains email addresses and phone numbers. We have that information for about 15% of our universe.

There are also tons of metrics that describe a Prospect’s place within your targeting requirements! These are fully documented with comments in the header row of your Prospect List, and of course we will be happy to answer any of your questions in detail.

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How can RINGKNOCKER target my Prospect List?

RINGKNOCKER targets your prospect list by calculating a score on every profile in the RINGKNOCKER database, that reflects how well that person fits your requirements. That score is based on four factors:

  • The profile’s fit to your search requirements. More on that in a minute.
  • The profile score of every coworker in the database, meaning they worked for the same company at the same time as the profile in question. The longer they worked together, the more influence another profile has.
  • The profile score of every schoolmate in the database, meaning they went to the same school at the same time as the profile in question. Again, the longer they went to school together, the more influence another profile has.
  • The profile score of each LinkedIn connection in the database.

Each of those factors can be independently weighted, so that you can prioritize a profile’s personal attributes or their professional, school, or social connections, in any combination.

Now the actual profile fit part. Here’s what we have to work with:

  • We can target profiles by location.
  • We can target them by job history, meaning company, role, and area of responsibility. We can group companies into industries, and more years at a job means more impact to the score.
  • We can target them by educational history, meaning school, degree type and level, and field of study. We can group schools however makes sense–Ivy League, for example, or Service Academies–and more years at a school means more impact to the score.
  • We can target them by their LinkedIn connections, boosting the score of everybody connected to a specific profile.
  • We can target these things in any combination or weighting, positive AND negative, so if you are looking for plumbers with law degrees who are former infantry officers and never went to Harvard, we can find them.

All this sounds very complicated, but in practice it is easy… at least from the Sponsor’s end. Tell us what you are looking for, in English. We’ll produce your list, and then as soon as it stabilizes, tell us what you like about it and what you don’t. YOU worry about quality. WE worry about the technical mumbo-jumbo.

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What if I want to make a major change my targeting?

No problem! Just give us your new criteria, and we’ll make the change. Your results will shift over a period of several hours, and then we will iterate with you again to dial the new targeting in.

You can also target two or more distinct demographic sets! Just help us understand what you are looking for, and we can layer them right on top of one another.

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How do I get a converted or rejected prospect off my list?

Along with your read-only Prospect List, you will also receive edit access to a Feedback Sheet. When you convert or reject a prospect, just copy the prospect’s profileId onto the appropriate tab on this sheet, and within a few hours two things will happen:

  • The prospect will drop off your Prospect List, and the remainder will shuffle up to close the gap, including a new one to replace the one that just dropped off. You won’t lose any slots!
  • Your targeting model will improve! Your Prospect List will look just a bit more like contacts you convert, and a bit less like the ones you reject.

This is called adaptive targeting, and it is extremely powerful! If you are careful to tell the system about your wins and losses, you will see your conversion rates increse significantly over time.

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Is there any way I can automate this?

You bet! There are tons of tools (try Zapier) that can intelligently move data from sales support systems (like your CRM) onto a Google Sheet. We’ll be glad to help you get started!

Also, beyond Converted and Rejected, your Feedback sheet has a third tab: Tagged. You can add profiles here with whatever tags you like, and we can incorporate those tags into your targeting model on the back end. Say you want to give an extra bump to people who attended a certain event. By combining Zapier with your Feedback Sheet, we can easily make that happen hands-free!

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With my RINGKNOCKER Sponsorship, do I still need a LinkedIn account?

Absolutely! Each Prospect on your list links directly to its LinkedIn profile, and it is expected that LinkedIn will be your primary method of first contact. BUT…

If you have one of the more expensive LinkedIn memberships, such as Sales Navigator, you may no longer need it. Sales Navigator offers extensive search and list-building capability, but then leaves you to evaluate every prospect on those monster lists by hand. RINGKNOCKER’s answer is to give you a very SHORT list of extremely HIGH-quality prospects, so you can spend LESS of your life evaluating marginal candidates and MORE of it getting to know the really good ones. If RINGKNOCKER’s targeting doesn’t work for you, our answer is not to expand your list, but to adjust your targeting until it works.

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What is the best way to use my RINGKNOCKER Sponsorship?

If they aren’t already attending Meetups, most of the Prospects at the top of your list will at least hear from RINGKNOCKER on a regular basis with Meetup invitations. You can capitalize on this exposure by extending your own invitation! As you already know, a RINGKNOCKER Meetup is a great experience, so you can be confident that your prospect will enjoy it no matter WHAT the outcome with respect to your own offering.

In fact, the best plan might be not to discuss your offering at all! If it’s their first Meetup, your prospect will have priority to deliver an intro, and of course there will be plenty of opportunities to interact, both by voice and video and via chat during the call. So you have an opportunity to get to know your prospect, and really understand how you can best be of service, before you ever mention your own offering directly.

Also, if you have a prospect coming, we’ll do our best to call you for an update so that you can introduce your offering to the entire group! 

As usual, after the Meetup we will share contact info for everybody who has permitted us to do so, at which point you are of course free to communicate at will with your prospect.

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Will I wind up in competition for Prospects with other Sponsors?

Maybe… but not very likely, given that every Sponsor has their own specific offering, targeting requirements, and geographical range.

Also, for this beta release of the Sponsorship Program, we are only taking on a total of TWELVE Sponsors! This limited shakedown cruise gives us a window to create new features and management tools and figure out how best to serve our Sponsors operationally before we have to scale.

We will run with our initial cohort of twelve Sponsors for at least three months before on-boarding another cohort with an expanded feature set and a higher price point. The good news? Our beta Sponsor cohort will get new features of EVERY future upgrade, but they will KEEP their beta cohort price for as long as they decide to remain Sponsors!

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How much does RINGKNOCKER Sponsorship cost, and what do I get?

RINGKNOCKER Sponsorship pricing is simple: just $1 / month / prospect, for a minimum of 100 prospects.

Here’s what you get:

  • An initial consultation via Zoom or email to establish your targeting.
  • Access to your targeted Sponsor Prospect List, updated several times per day as new data rolls into the system.
  • Regular communication with RINGKNOCKER to refine the targeting of your Prospect List. We shoot for a 24-hour response time.
  • Meetup invites and Classmate Alerts to encourage your Prospects to attend Meetups.
  • A Sponsor profile on our website.
  • Regular mentions in the weekly RINGKNOCKER email cycle.
  • Regular opportunities to deliver Meetup updates, which RINGKNOCKER will distribute as video clips to the website and social media channels.
  • All future RINGKNOCKER Sponsorship program upgrades, for the SAME price per prospect… FOREVER!
  • The sincere gratitude of your classmates, shipmates, and comrades-in-arms. Seriously. RINGKNOCKER could NOT continue without you!

All that for just $100/month!

Finally: If you decide that RINGKNOCKER Sponsorship is not for you, you can cancel any time, no questions asked!

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Ok I’m sold! How do I become a RINGKNOCKER Sponsor?

Becoming a RINGKNOCKER Sponsor is easy! Just click the button below and introduce yourself, and we’ll have you up and running in a matter of days.

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