Officers Call

Now Hear This

All hands to quarters for muster, instruction, and inspection. 
Now quarters.

A TruE and Faithful Record


Engines All Stop

I was privileged to serve you all the limit of my ability, and I left nothing on the mat… but it is long past time for me to focus on making an actual living.

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The Amateur’s Mind

Once upon a time I thought what I saw was just what was. Now I’m at home with the idea that different people will witness a very different motorcycle crash.

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Big Ideas

Natural Resources

The compulsion to pursue a vision at any cost is a natural resource as rare and precious as any other. The challenge is in bringing it to market.

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Magnificent Audacity

Without the ridiculous idea that we can build something utterly new, we would ALL live in remote mountain villages with week-old fried bread for dinner.

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