Officers Call

Now Hear This

All hands to quarters for muster, instruction, and inspection. 
Now quarters.

A TruE and Faithful Record


Relationship Sales Mastery

RINGKNOCKER is setting the bar for supporting a shipmate… one shipmate at a time, with a part-time staff and a shoestring budget. Want to learn how we did it?

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There’s always somebody stronger, or richer, or better looking than you are. If you haven’t met that person, you gotta get out more. If you can find a whole building full of them, that’s probably where you should hang out!

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Story, Offer

Create something valuable, craft a compelling story about it, find people who will resonate with that story, and then serve them to the limit of your ability.

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Gates of Heaven

Wisdom is the participation trophy at the end of youth, and the Gates of Heaven are not where you think they are.

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PCS Bali Style

If the last year has taught us anything, it’s that there are worse things in life than finding an absurdly large gecko behind your refrigerator.

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