BROADSIDE Transition Planner

Our shipmate John Cordle emailed me after reading my Fight Club post the other day, about my young Marine friend who’s feeling a little lost after transition. John reminded me that he collaborated with an old shipmate of his own, Broadside cartoonist Jeff Bacon, to create an amazing resource for transitioning veterans: their One-Stop Transition Planner.

This thing is really extraordinary. Not only is it chock-full of great advice… it is also an anthology of some of your favorite Broadside comics! I mean, come on… if you spent more than a day and a half in the Navy, I know you’ve got at least one of those. And if you DIDN’T, check out the Meetup where Jeff Bacon joined us as Guest Speaker. Subscribers can watch the whole thing. Everybody else, eat your hearts out. 🤣

All proceeds from the book go to the Navy Marine Corps Relief Society, the Wyakin Foundation, and Anchor Scholarships.

Also, if you or somebody you care about is bracing for the transition to civilian life, John invites you to connect with him on LinkedIn and he’ll help you get sorted out.

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