Count Your Blessings

Bali is opening up a bit!

In our case, that means a bunch of Russians moved in next door over the weekend. Last night they had a party, with music blasting and naked Russians running down the road screaming at one another at 5am. The banjar—that’s the local mafia whose job is to keep the peace so the police can get their beauty rest—was nowhere to be found.

I went over the first time they woke me up and had a polite discussion. That was at midnight. The second time it was 2am and I might have knocked on the door a little too hard, because it flew open like I had kicked it in. I said some words. Might have irritated them a bit, as they promised to shut down in 30 min and instead turned it up to 11 and raged ’til dawn.

At some point I hopped on my bike and rode over to the local police station. The snoring around the courtyard was deafening, and given that I was surrounded by soundly sleeping, heavily armed men, I was reluctant to start throwing garbage cans. So I was unable to rouse the watch. I did place a few phone calls from the courtyard, which I could hear ringing inside the station, but after my fourth attempt they took the phone off the hook.

Eventually dawn arrived, and we spent the day trying to rally our landlord and the banjar, with feeble results. Our new friends are apparently out as I type, but one wonders how sleepy they will be when they return. Thankfully they’re only staying three days!

So two points…

One, if you live in a place where the police answer the phone at 3am, count your blessings. That relationship might be strained in some precincts, but mostly those folks have your back. Elsewhere, this is not a given.

Two… you should have seen those Russians freeze when their front door crashed open! Eyes like saucers, chins on their laps, and you could have heard a pin drop. Possibly not the smartest thing I’ve ever done, but for a moment there it felt like old times.

You Marines and assorted snake-eaters reading this… sure wish you coulda been there! 😂🤣😂

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