Democracy Investments Redux

A few weeks ago we welcomed Democracy Investments CEO & co-founder Julie Cane (UVA ’89) into the RINGKNOCKER speaker’s chair, along with Chief Economist Rick Rikoski, to tell the Democracy Investments story. Here’s the After-Action Report.

If you’re a RINGKNOCKER Subscriber, you can watch the full video of their presentation!

Julie is a SH-3 Sea King pilot who spent much of her Navy career flying SEALs around. I checked in with her this week to see what’s new in her world, and she told me a remarkable story!

Here it is, in her words…

About a year and a half ago, I joined the CA State Guard. I signed up on the phone while I was in line at Safeway during COVID thinking, this is not going to be over soon and I don’t want to be stuck at home watching the news on TV. I was assigned to the 129th Support Group (Air Component) at Moffett Field. We support the Air National Guard 129th Air Rescue Wing, which has C-130s, the new Pave Hawks and PJs. So now I am “Air Component” with a lateral transfer in as an O-3 which makes me Captain (CA) Cane CSG.

12 days ago, I was activated to Emergency State Active Duty and am at a camp in Mineral CA helping with Operations for the Cal Fire and National Guard aircraft that are fighting the Dixie fire. My same job as a JO in the Navy! Since I’ve been here, the fire has grown to over 770,000 acres and is 48% contained. It was good visibility when I got here but the winds have shifted and now not very good. Hoping the winds shift again for the better and we can get back to dropping 300,000 gallons a day!

Here are some pictures from Julie’s exploits. What did YOU do last weekend?

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