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RINGKNOCKER Virtual Meetup #12 with Heidi Lenzini

2020-06-11 @ 20:00 - 21:30 EDT
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Heidi Lenzini (USNA ’95) began her Navy career by exercising her option⁠—only available to women for the second year at that point⁠—to accept orders to a combat ship. Her worldwide service ranged from humanitarian ops in the Caribbean Sea to surface ops in the Med and carrier flight ops in the Pacific. Heidi re-designated to Public Affairs during a shore tour at the Naval Public Affairs Center, and in that capacity served the Naval Air Forces, the Naval Surface Forces, and the U.S. Southern Command before finishing her Navy career at the Naval History and Heritage Command.*

Following her 2015 retirement, Heidi directed communications for the Association of the United States Navy, and currently directs outreach for the Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center’s “A Head for the Future” initiative, which focuses on preventing, recognizing, and recovering from Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Heidi is a Boy and Girl Scouts volunteer and a USNA Blue and Gold Officer of decades’ standing, and is best known to her USNA classmates as the founder of our largest Facebook group, where she is concluding—just in time for our 25-year reunion—an 18-month project to recognize personally every one of our 1,160 members as of Induction Day.

Modern warfare subjects the human frame to inconceivable traumas. Medical science has dramatically increased the survivability of such events… but there are more hidden injuries. TBI is one of these: it can paralyze a limb or a personality, and learning to live with it is wickedly complicated by its effect on the very organ that does the learning. Many of our shipmates and friends have been afflicted with TBI, and this week Heidi will help the RINGKNOCKERs understand both the nature of that affliction and what we can do to help.

Sometimes we have to give business a day off and focus on men and women who are still fighting battles we had the great good fortune to walk away from… or never see. Don’t miss this one.

* NHHC is worth a talk all by itself. Say tuned!

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20:00 - 21:30 EDT
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