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RINGKNOCKER Virtual Meetup #52 with Bill Militello

April 15 @ 20:00 - 21:30 EDT
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The guest speaker at this week’s RINGKNOCKER Virtual Meetup is Bill Militello (USNA ’92).

Bill served as a Signals Intelligence Officer in the Marine Corps before moving to Wall Street in 2001 as an equity trader for Knight Capital Markets and later as a consultant to the SEC.

In 2003, Bill founded Piedmont Investment Advisors and set out to redefine the traditional investment model. By 2011 the financial services industry was ripe for innovation, so Bill founded Militello Capital to guide the new wave of registered investment advisors into thinking beyond Wall Street, and challenge the conventional allocation model by building private equity products that create jobs, enhance communities, and fund the development of technologies that help mankind.

Bill knows firsthand the challenges of being an entrepreneur and financial advisor, so in 2017 he founded LocalVest to level the playing field for military veterans and other underrepresented communities seeking to raise capital. Localvest is a SaaS marketplace designed to help the entrepreneur raise capital quickly and easily, while providing a venue for investors to discover investment opportunities and support their affinity at the same time.

Many RINGKNOCKERs are familiar with LocalVest through the activities of the Koev Brothers, the Service Academy Investors Group, and other affiliated investor groups. Each group has created its own niche and marketplace, a consequence of both the investment interests of its members and the unique collective skill set they bring to the table. This is the genius of the LocalVest model: it will be a LONG time before the supply of engaged, interested angel investors outstrips the demand for startup capital and the ability of LocalVest’s playbook to help each side scale to success. There is PLENTY of elbow room!

We are therefore delighted to announce that RINGKNOCKER is seeking volunteers from within its ranks to establish an investor group on the LocalVest platform, in partnership with the RINGKNOCKER brand! This week, Bill will introduce the LocalVest opportunity and dig into their extensive investor group playbook. He will explain the key indicators of success from the investment manager’s perspective, and discuss how this group can leverage the power of the RINGKNOCKER platform and brand to serve two key constituencies: RINGKNOCKER members who are also accredited investors, as well as those who seek capital financing to start or scale a business!

Bill will also describe a broader opportunity: there are dozens of LocalVest investor groups, both new and established, that might benefit from RINGKNOCKER-style leadership. If you have investment experience, particularly in private equity, and think leading an investor group might be an interesting application of your skills…


Who's Attending

18 people are attending RINGKNOCKER Virtual Meetup #52 with Bill Militello

  • Tracy Clark
  • Jason Williscroft
  • Nelson Rich '84
  • Greg Morrow
  • Julie Cane
  • Chris Lopez
  • Ron Toland
  • Jeff Hudgens
  • Tracey Nicole Hayes
  • Peter Kikareas
  • Will Graves
  • Michael Malinick
  • David Rudko
  • Pat Cerchio
  • Malcolm Reid
  • Greg Thornton
  • Clayton Nicholas

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April 15
20:00 - 21:30 EDT
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