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RINGKNOCKER Virtual Meetup #57 with Bill James

May 27 @ 20:00 - 21:30 EDT
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The guest speaker at this week’s RINGKNOCKER Virtual Meetup is Bill James (USMA ’72).

Bill studied Physics and Nuclear Engineering and led the wrestling team at West Point. After serving 8 years in the Airborne Infantry he joined Honeywell, where he was an early implementer of Just-In-Time principles. After 6 years at Honeywell, Bill went into business for himself, focusing on process control in factory automation and customer service.

Today’s topic begins with a simple observation: the Internet has demonstrated beyond all doubt that packet-switching is a good idea.

When a server on the Internet sends you an e-mail or a web page, its content is broken up into standardized “packets” of data and routed through the network. The path those packets take through the network is indeterminate and can change as conditions vary or outages occur. When packets arrive at their destination—usually late or out of order—they are reassembled into the original content before delivery. A packet-switched data network is simple to build, fast, and fault-tolerant.

The existing global transportation infrastructure is also a packet-switched network, which delivers people and goods in shipping containers and passenger cars via shipping lanes, railroads, highways, and air corridors. That’s the good news. The bad news is that the way we USE this network renders it expensive and slow.

But just the right push, in just the right place, could reap HUGE dividends, and FAST.

Enter JPods, a radical, solar-powered mobility concept that fits cleanly into existing urban infrastructure and promises to slash the cost and environmental impact of both local goods transport and the daily commute while “balancing the load” on existing transportation networks. The solar-powered, hanging-rail JPods infrastructure is inexpensive, scalable, and low-impact.

JPods technology is mature and investment capital is readily available. Bill seeks co-founders who can leverage local connections and put these resources to work implementing JPods networks in their home cities. Peter Drucker noted, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. To accomplish this overwhelming task of retooling requires the ethics and culture of Service Academy graduates, former officers, and veterans.

Want to be part of something REALLY big? DON’T MISS THIS ONE!

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13 people are attending RINGKNOCKER Virtual Meetup #57 with Bill James

  • Jason Williscroft
  • Tracy Clark
  • David Beranek
  • Ivin Dysangco
  • Raymond Garfield
  • Peter Kikareas
  • Dan Baczkowski
  • Brian Whitten
  • Greg Thornton
  • Pat Cerchio
  • Heath Dunbar
  • Bill James

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May 27
20:00 - 21:30 EDT
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