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RINGKNOCKER Virtual Meetup #59 with Ian Schuster

2021-06-17 @ 20:00 - 21:30 EDT
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The guest speaker at this week’s RINGKNOCKER Virtual Meetup is Ian Schuster (USNA ’96). Ian is Founder & CEO of Natural Xpression (NXP), a “Precision Nutrition” supplement manufacturer and subscription service.

Ian is a former Surface Warfare Officer who left the Navy in 2001 for a London Business School MBA and a career in Consumer Packaged Goods marketing, where his experience spans the tobacco, beer, snacks, and grocery retail industries. Ian founded Schubros Brewery in 2011 and ran it for seven years before selling it in 2018 to found NXP.

NXP is a brand new RINGKNOCKER Sponsor, and we are completely fascinated with their product, which uses inexpensive DNA sequencing and gut biome assays to construct a supplement regime that is completely tailored to an individual’s hereditary and situational requirements, and then adjusted regularly to account for changes in conditioning, diet, and body composition.

The result is LESS than one would expect! By cutting out excessive and unnecessary supplementation, NXP customers typically consume only 1-3 capsules of their personal supplement mix, just once per day. The cost is usually quite a bit less than a typical supplement enthusiast’s monthly outlay.

This week will be a fascinating discussion. On one hand, Ian will dig into the science and practice of precision nutrition, a product category that could not have existed until recently but is now set to become the foundational layer of fitness and personal health care.

On the other hand, Ian will share the NXP back story, which features TONS of important lessons about resilience, imagination, and how to position and sell a product that literally sounds too good to be true.


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17 people are attending RINGKNOCKER Virtual Meetup #59 with Ian Schuster

  • Rachael Jackson
  • David Beranek
  • Ivin Dysangco
  • Jason Williscroft
  • Ian Schuster
  • Steve Casey
  • Michael Malinick
  • Michael Burns
  • Pat Cerchio
  • Brian Whitten
  • Greg Thornton
  • John Spurrier
  • Susie Minton
  • Al Obregon

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20:00 - 21:30 EDT
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