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The Russian is a seminar junkie.

I’m not. I am most emphatically not in the market for a guru. So when she insisted back in late 2019, shortly before we left Miami, that I accompany her to one of Grant Cardone‘s 10x-a-thons, I only agreed for two reasons. One, we got free tickets. And two, the sovereignty of the Crimean Peninsula was already dangling by a thread. Not that it helped much. 🙄

It took about 45 minutes to establish (even to the Russian’s satisfaction) that the whole thing was a glorified, hours-long infomercial for Cardone’s business coaching service and any other product that could afford a piece of the stage… before an audience who had largely paid to be there! That’s some kind of genius right there. But not my kind of genius, so by the top of the hour we were headed home to finish packing for our upcoming three-month trip to Bali, where we have now been for just about eighteen months.

The Master of Ceremonies at this event was one Russell Brunson, who is super famous for selling stuff and most recently managed to re-brand the very concept of the sales process, embed it into a pretty good online marketing tool called ClickFunnels, and sell it as a social movement to an army of wealth-seeking #FunnelHackers for $100/month to start. That’s worth a book all on its own. Maybe three.

Brunson was haranguing the crowd about ClickFunnels while we made our way out of the arena. Just as we passed the very last hot-dog stand and escaped into the sunshine, the man said something that made me stop and turn around. He said:

It’s not about building a product.
It’s about building a community.

That, I thought, is worth writing down. Then I went home to my packing and forgot all about it. But I remembered it later… and those of you who have been to a couple of Meetups may have an idea where this is leading.

Enough for one day. I’ll pick up the thread after I’ve got the newsletter out tomorrow.

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